At Auto air we use Quality OEM Parts. All product parts are of the highest quality, ensuring our customers only receive the best. We use both O.E.M. parts and O.E.M. reproductions at the most competitive prices. Please find a list of parts we use below:

Our Parts Partner

  • Condensers

    We use flat tube condensers that deliver high performance in spite of their compact and lightweight design. Condensers help to ensure rapid cooling of the passenger cabin.

  • Receiver Driers & Accumulators

    Accumulators and receiver driers play a similar role in an air conditioning system. Together they combine to prevent excess moisture from corroding and permanently damaging the system itself. This prevents the system from having to be replaced frequently.

  • Compressors

    Using next generation MAHLE’s Compact Variable Compressors we ensure that all air condition systems we install are adaptable to both pneumatic and electronic control.

  • Evaporators

    We use flat tube evaporators that deliver high performance in spite of their compact and lightweight design.

  • Hoses

    We use flexible hoses in our air condition systems so are able to support a range of vehicles and manufactures.

  • R134a Refridgerant

    We use a R-1234YF refrigerant which is a synthetic HFO refrigerant. Its Global Warming Potential is extremely low.

  • R1234YF refrigerant

    We also use a R134a Refrigerant which is perhaps the most widely used in the air conditioning industry.

  • Service Equipment

    We use a complete range of Vehicle Air Conditioning service equipment. Using only the best on the market we can guarantee a quality service to our customers. If you would like to order parts-only give us a call. You can make purchases of genuine manufactured vehicle air conditioning parts, hassle free.